Why should societies use housing management applications?
Why should societies use housing management applications?
Date:1 Dec 2019
Why should societies use housing management applications?

The urban population today is getting used to a much relaxed and effortless lifestyle owing to the benefits of technology. Everything is connected to technology from buying groceries, paying bills and connecting to our loved ones. The same stands true for various housing societies that are slowly shifting from conventional management practices to online housing management software.

However, the concept of housing management software’s is at its infancy stage and the debate is still going on about its various benefits. Here are a few benefits of using housing management software, that might help societies to join the digital age

  • These apps are a single point for all types of communication. No need to maintain multiple groups and modes of communications like emails and WhatsApp.
  • Convey messages to the group at one go. Updates on meetings notices and messages to residents easily.
  • Share the minutes of meetings (MOM) to everyone, inform them about action points and pain areas.
  • All data related to the owner/tenant of the property can be easily updated and checked.
  • Take polls and opinions on anything that you want, like nearby restaurant or a store or anything else.
  • Take feedback about maids to ensure that you get the best of house help.
  • Introduce just moved in residents/tenants to the society members.
  • Most of the residents are busy with their work schedule and hence they are not connected to the issues of the society. With chat systems integrated into the app, residents can easily be connected and take part in discussions from anywhere.
  • Notify the residents if you are planning to lease your property.
  • If a tenant is planning to shift out, they can notify the members of other property options.
  • The managing committee member can keep track of financials easily.
  • Remind the residents about upcoming maintenance charges dues.
  • Prepare financial reports for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) quickly.
  • The application is mobile-friendly thus making it easily accessible anytime.
  • Visitor management feature. Residents get notified on smart devices when they have a visitor, they can allow or reject the visitor entry.

Now that you are aware of some benefits, it’s time to explore and switch to a housing management application. ezeeServe is one such application that is bundled with all the above features and has many more. ezeeServe is an ideal solution for the society that is looking to simplify day-to-day management. It provides a stable, dependable and user-friendly solution for addressing major challenges faced by residents. Log on to ezeeServe for more information.