Types of Maintenance Charges that Society Members need to be aware of
Types of Maintenance Charges that Society Members should be aware of.
Date:10 Sep 2019
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For committee members of apartments, it is difficult to evaluate the maintenance costs to be paid by members. It is difficult to identify the correct amount payable that is agreeable to all.

Maintenance charges consist of many components which can be charged to residents. The frequency and intervals between payments can be decided by the General Body of the Association. Let’s look at some of the common charges and what they mean:

Service Charges:

Service charges comprises of salaries and maintenance for housekeeping and security staff. Other charges like the common area electricity and equipment’s like generators are also included in this category. This is split equally between number of flats and is not based on the size of the flat.

Expenses on repairs and maintenance of society building:

As per by-laws, these expanses are a part of sinking fund that every society needs to have. Read the blog The Why, What and How of Sinking fund for Housing Society, to know more about the same. (link to the blog on our website)

The charges may be decided by the General Body subject to a minimum of 0.75 percent (0.75%) of the cost of construction of flat/shop per annum. For example, if the construction cost is Rs. 1200/- per sq. Ft., the charge will be Rs. 9,000/- per annum for a 1000 sft flat. This is calculated on a per sq. Ft. basis and can be charged once in a year.

Expenses for lift repair, maintenance:

Likewise, by all the members, irrespective of the fact whether they use the lift or not. This is a charge on a flat fee basis.

Parking Charges:

The parking charges are based on the number of parking spaces allotted to a flat. For example, some flats might have 2 parking space, and some might have 1. The fee for the same can be decided by the general body of the society.

Water charges:

This cost is to be charged based on number of water bays in a flat. The fee per water bay may be as decided by the General Body of the Society. In modern buildings/designs, this charge can be analyzed based on the reading from the water meters that calculate the intake of the water by a flat.

Other charges: 

These are decided by the Society from time to time as per their requirement.

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