Tips to plan the upcoming society AGM!
Tips to plan the society AGM!
Date:10 Sep 2019
Tips to plan the upcoming society AGM!

Annual General Meeting (AGM) is an important activity for various housing societies. It is a general meeting were residents come together to discuss various issues and find solutions for common issues. This is chaired by the AGM committee and attended by all the residents. It is the place where everyone takes stock of yearly activities plan your yearly activities and map it to the financials also.

In the recent years, conducting AGM for every co-operative housing society has been made a mandate. As per the government laws the same needs to be completed before the September month of every year.

AGM helps in keeping accountability, maintain transparency among the society members. It is also a platform to address any major issues in terms of repairs and refurbishments. Issues are discussed in open forum among all the society members. Here in accordance with the residents and the managing committee crucial decisions are taken.

This document discusses the various action points that you need to be ware of as a member of committee and as a resident.

Committee member

Typically, in housing societies, the managing committee members are changed every 3/5 years. The duration is dependent on the existing committee members. This is also influenced by relocations of any member or non-availability due to any reason.

As member of committee you need to prepare yourself for the upcoming AGM. Here is a checklist that will help you prepare for the upcoming AGM.

  • The first step is to finalize the date and set an agenda for the same.
  • Check for the availability of the key members like Secretary, President and treasurer.
  • Notify the members and other residents of the society. This notice needs to go 21 days before the scheduled event.
  • Prepare the AGM reports of financials and other factors to be presented/discussed with all members.
  • Map the MOM (minutes of meeting), from last year to this year’s reports. This is important to understand what you have done last year and identify the actionable points for the coming year.

This is the broader scope of discussion, there are various points that are also discussed

  • Setting up of rules and regulations that will help in the improvement of the society.
  • Any specific concerns like parking issue, leakage or any large maintenance work that the society might need.
  • Understand and structure the employees of the society like housekeeping, security and maintenance staff members.
  • Communicate any rules and regulations levied by the government for societies. This could be in terms of sale/re-sale or tenants.
  • In case elections are due than decide a date and relevant strategies of the same.

Society resident

The AGM is a meeting conducted by the society committee for the better planning and functioning of the society. However, as residents you need to be aware and be present for the AGM. Some points to be aware of

  • Points discussed during the last AGM
  • Impact of the decisions taken during last AGM in terms of finances or social.
  • Any open issues that you would like to highlight
  • Be aware of the common staff that is working and there are no complaints of misbehavior from anyone.
  • Need of any specific policy changes for the residents.




The AGM is important for both the residents as well as committee members. It is finally the one place where everyone comes together for the betterment of the society. These meetings are full of arguments and clashes due to difference in opinions. However, the bottom line is to ensure that all the open issues are solved. As a member of committee or resident of the society, it is important to be involved in AGM so that you can work towards better planning of the society.

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