Tips for effective Waste Management in Housing Societies.
Tips for effective Waste Management in Housing Societies.
Date:7 Jan 2019
Tips for effective Waste Management in Housing Societies.

The statement is extremely important and relatable in our day to day living. Specifically, now that the housing society concept is growing tremendously in urban cities. Our homes are the main source from where waste is generated. Hence, there is a need for effective handling of waste management in housing societies effectively. 

In the past few years, the task of dividing waste into wet waste and dry waste has taken over. With the government encouraging societies to do the same and levying penalties in case of non-compliance. Here are some of the tips to help in the waste management of housing society. 

  • Compulsory segregation of wet and waste garbage for the residents. Ensure that all apartments have a separate bin for wet waste and dry waste. Wet waste decomposes faster and can be used as a composite, biogas, as fertilizer and soil conditioner.  
  • While collecting the cleaner should have 2 bins, one for the wet and dry one. 
  • Educate residents to drain the liquid waste, maybe a curry, or spoiled milk. Disposing of liquids through waste bin often leads to it spilling while disposing of. Another critical factor is that liquid waste help in the growth of insects, flies and other pests. 
  • Just like homes, cleanliness in the common areas of society is also important. Strategically placed dustbins help in avoiding garbage on the premises. 
  • Regular sweeping and cleaning of common areas like the lobby, play areas and around the amenities.  
  • Encourage the young generation to use bio-degradable and eco-friendly products. 
  • Another way of educating the residents is to put of posters across the common areas of the society like gym, lifts and play areas.
  • For large societies, in-house waste management systems are a good idea. The government approves of such initiatives and gives exemption in property tax.  
  • Apart from these day-to-day activities, people must understand the importance of waste management and abide by the rules. With stringent monitoring and lots of discipline, it is a task that can be achieved. 
  • A program that acknowledges the residents who regularly abide to the rules is also a good idea. For example, If Mr. Sharma is segregating the waste properly for a month, acknowledge his efforts in the society group. At the same, continuous defaulters should also be addressed. 

Optimum waste management in the housing society is a continuous process. It works only with continuous reminders, discussion, and awareness drives. For the committee members, it can be difficult to plan these events. ezeeServe is a tool that can help manage these tasks effectively. Through ezeeServe you can create polls, and discussions groups to plan for activities. Notify the society members of new rules set by the committee with a click. EzeeServe is a housing management tool that helps societies for better management.