Tips for appointing security for co-operative society
Tips for appointing security for co-operative society
Date:10 Sep 2019
Tips for appointing security for co-operative society

Across various co-operative housing societies, the need of effective security team is important. The concept of gated communities its advantages and disadvantages. Incidents of thefts, break-ins and robbery are growing. Hence the need of effective security team positioned across at various points in the complex.

Here are some tips that will help you plan the security for your society

Traffic at the gate

Understand the time of maximum traffic at the gate. This will help you plan the positioning of the guards in an effective manner. For example, in the mornings there are number of visitors/maids coming to the society. Also, deliveries often happen during the morning or evening hours. Hence the number of security men should be more during the non-working hours.

Hire A trusted Agency

Managing committee members opt for a professional-trained security agency. They provide well-trained professional guards as per requirement. The agencies provide guards that have positive police verification, background checks and would require minimum training.

When it comes to security team the managing committee should not compromise on any aspect.

Teach the Staff about your plans

Every managing committee (MC) has a set of back-up plan in place in the event of any emergency or mishaps.  The MC should update the security team about the process and tips about the same. The staff should be ready in the event of any emergency.

Across societies there are plans for Fire, medical, man/child missing etc. Hence, one person should always monitor the CCTV footage. At the same time, the guards should know everything about the architecture of the entire society.

Be ready for Human error

No matter how skilled the team is there are still chances of human error. The managing committee members need to be prepared for the same. It is important especially in the case of visitor management. Manual error in logging of a visitor or delivery executive might cause fatal issues.

Housing societies management applications are an effective way to do this. The visitor management feature provided by these applications are effective in tracking visitors. This not only reduces the possibility of human errors but also ensures data record of the same. These applications also give direct notifications to the residents. The resident can allow/deny access to visitors from there smart device.  To experience visitor management and its numerous benefits, visit

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