Socialize with ezeeServe
Socialize with ezeeServe.
Date:1 April 2020
Socialize with ezeeServe

Social distancing is an outcome of the severe COVID 19 epidemic. In these tough times where maintaining distance is recommended, staying connected is crucial as well. Together we can fight this pandemic by digitally staying connected with ezeeServe, the software solution made in India dedicated to managing Indian housing societies.

 So what exactly health officials mean by following social distancing?

 Social distancing means deliberately increasing the physical space between people to avoid spreading infection and the measures suggested to do the same is:

  • Stay home
  • Keep a distance of at least six feet
  • Avoid eating from outside
  • Stay connected digitally to reduce stress

 The easiest precaution of staying at home can be stressful. Living in a society with the situation given has come up with some challenges. Some societies are completely sealed and are under a lot of restrictions causing trouble for the residents to even buy the essentials. For other societies, communication has become a barrier for making important decisions such as to allow housekeeping, maids, milkman, and newspaper boy in the society or not. In both scenarios, it's important to stay connected with strong communication at the time of this epidemic. Staying together and staying connected while maintaining the distance can easily be done with ezeeServe. The amazing features of “Discussion” in ezeeServe can rescue by helping you stay in touch will all the residents of your society.

 ezeeServe, a housing society management solution that provides societies with digital means for effective management. When all can be done digitally with ezeeServe, all left for you to do is stay safe at home.


Your society meetings don't need to be hampered. When social gatherings can be harmful, discussing digitally on ezeeServe can help you stay updated and safe. The feature of discussion allows you to let your residents know what's happening and each one can comment on their views for transparent communication. ezeeServe solves communication barrier in the period of COVID-19

- Poll

Before COVID - 19, the decision can be taken from a gathering and voting but now it seems impossible. With ezeeServe, it's still possible and in a better way too. With ezeeServe's Poll feature, make important decisions such as entry of milkman in the society should continue or not, who all must be given the access in the society in the current scenario provide the options and post the poll. It is available to each resident to cast in their vote for a thorough decision.

- Notice

Notices in every society are highly important. The notices issued by Management Committee provide information about the latest happenings and implementations of the rules in the society which shouldn't be missed. Printing notices in the current scenario can be ignored to ensure distancing. But with ezeeServe, the residents can still be updated with the latest information they need to know with ezeeServe's notice feature.

- Maintenance Payment

The pandemic has made it difficult to keep track of the necessary payments. While offline payments can be seen as an obstruction but with ezeeServe easily pay all the society payments without any delay. ezeeServe opens the gate for all commonly used online payment methods so you can pay without any worries.

- Help Desk

Featured to provide resolutions for your utility issues. Stepping out and making security aware of unavoided issues like water leakage and electricity tripping can be risky in the current time. As a solution, ezeeServe brings help desk to you. Digitally raise a complaint, track the status of the complaint, get instant notifications and your complaint will be resolved in an effective manner.


A quick and required solution for the residents of housing societies by ezeeServe. To help in the pandemic, a new feature was added in the application, “Essentials”. With “Essentials” you can place an order for groceries, medicine, and vegetables from your neighborhood shops and get the delivery at your society gate. Staying at home made easy by ezeeServe.

Your society is all ready to stay together and stay connected. All the communication required to stay connected in the COVID-19 scenario is provided by ezeeServe.