Recovery of Society Maintenance Dues
Recovery of Society Maintenance Dues
Date:18 Oct 2019
Recovery of Society Maintenance Dues

In housing societies, the maintenance and management of common areas are done by a group of residents known as Committee members. The members are also responsible to maintain the housekeeping staff, security staff, maintenance staff, and others. For maintenance and other activities, maintenance charges are collected from the residents. To know about maintenance charges and how it is calculated read our blog How to calculate maintenance fees for housing society

The maintenance charges are collected monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually. It is decided based on various factors like society size and residents. Paying of society management charges is a responsibility for all residents. However, at times there are resident/s who might not pay the maintenance charges for housing society on schedule. It might be due to some personal issues, disputes or intentional. Failing in timely payment of society maintenance charges, even post reminders makes the residents a defaulter.

Who are Defaulters?

Defaulters are known as residents that do not pay there due on time. Residents who fail to pay regularly even after numerous reminders come into this category. These owners can be deprived of services provided to the housing society and the housing management committee can take legal action. However, before deciding to take legal action you should consider doing the below things to

  • Make the owners aware of the importance of payment of dues personally.
  • Communicate through SMS/Email before the payment due date
  • Put up notices in visible areas mentioning the due dates of payments

Still, refusing to pay?

In such scenarios, whereas the residents or owner is still not paying then the committee should send a notice giving him the extra 10-12 days. Despite reminders and extra time given, if the resident still refuses then you can take any of the below steps

  • Arrange a meeting of a management committee meeting of the Resident Welfare Association (RWA). Post which you send a registered notice to all the Committee members/residents informing about the issue and take necessary preventive measures. Other members can also suggest corrective actions.
  • A registered notice to the Defaulters informing them about the decision taken by the RWA. Intimate them of a new deadline and ensure that they pay on time to avoid legal action.
  • A suit can be filed before the court for recovery of the dues. Also, the committee can ask for late payment charges and interest on the amount. The committee can also inform the resident that basic amenities that are common to the society members would be stopped for them.

These are a few of the steps that can be taken to help committee members receive the dues. It is advisable to first consult a lawyer before taking any actions.

To keep track of maintenance charges and due dates, societies can use ezeeServe. ezeeServe is an effective tool that helps in tracking all payments dues. It also gives you the financial summary reports at one click. Visit the website ezeeServe to know more about the housing management application.