Reasons why your society needs visitor management
Reasons why your society needs visitor management
Date:2 Dec 2019
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In today’s time, the need for secure housing societies is paramount. To ensure a secure environment for all resident’s visitor management is done.

The conventional method is to maintain a register or log of the visitors, call the resident post-confirmation to allow the visitor to enter the society premises. However, the conventional approach has a lot of scope of manual errors. Also, in terms of cross-checking the records, it is tedious and time-consuming.

Hence visitor management solutions are gaining popularity across urban housing societies.

How does a visitor management solution work?

A visitor management solution gives seamless access to visitors of your society. At the security gate staff members take details of the visitor like name, phone number, and photo and notify the resident. The resident would then approve or reject the visitor’s entry. Based on the response the visitor is granted access to society.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of opting for a visitor management solution.

Security – In the conventional visitor book, the data is accessible to everyone. Anyone can take information about the visitors. In the app solution, the data is managed is by selected employees and can’t be easily accessed by unauthorized personnel.

The entry of unauthorized personnel- The application notifies residents about a visitor, once they approve the visitor entry, then only the security team allows them to enter the society. This helps in ensuring that no unauthorized personnel enter society.

Ease of Data Access- In the future, if the society needs details of the visitor, it is a simple task. The data can be searched for easily whenever needed.

Saves time- These applications save a lot of time; the notifications are immediate, and acknowledgment and rejection are real-time.

Visitor management solutions make security-related concerns easy to handle. The visitor management application by ezeeServe is an effective tool, giving numerous features for visitor’s management. Apart from the standard features, ezeeServe visitor management comes with other features like

  • The easiest way to sign-in visitors
  • Regional languages available
  • Face recognition and pass generation
  • Number plate and QR code scanning
  • Easy tracking and host notifications

Visit the website, to know about the various features of the Housing Management application – ezeeServe.