Use ezeeServe to plan your Haldi-kumkum Get Together, Better!
Use ezeeServe to plan your Haldi-kumkum Get Together, Better!
Date:15 Jan 2020
Use ezeeServe to plan your Haldi-kumkum Get Together, Better!

As 14th January nears, you can hear people saying “Tilgul ghya ,god god bola”  across various parts of Maharashtra. Across different states, it is celebrated as a different festival. In Punjab it is celebrated as Lohri, In Gujrat as Uttarayan, Bihu in Assam and Pongal in South India. Every region has a different set of customs that are followed as the celebration of the festival. 

In Maharashtra, Haldi-kumum is an integral part of the celebration. Haldi Kumkum is a function which is celebrated by the Hindu married women. Here the women invite other women and apply turmeric (haldi) and vermilion (kumkum) to their foreheads. They dab perfume (attar), sprinkle rose-water, a sweet, a flower, til-gul (a sweet made with sesame and jaggery) along with a small gift.  

This is a tradition that has been going on for years, women get dressed in their finery and visit their friends.  The tradition has moved along with times and is now a part of the housing societies. This is a good opportunity to bring people together. Also, this showcases the richness of the cultural beliefs of the people of Maharashtra.  

Today housing communities are home to people from diverse cultures and religions. Thus, many are unaware of the customs. A Haldi-kumkum gathering gives the non-Maharashtrians a chance to experience our customs and culture.  

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