No-chaos Management
No-chaos Management for your housing society.
Date:25 Jan 2020
No-chaos Management

Everyone dreams to live in a wholesome society with perfect-parking space, gymnasium, a swimming pool, an event hall and a leafy garden but with all these one sure needs balanced management. 

Balanced management that allows you to access the amenities of your society without a second thought and maintain peace within your society. Thankfully with digitalization, we found a solution for all-in-one management, ezeeServe! A platform devoted to no-chaos management. One-click and you can book the event hall within the knowledge of other residents so there happens no clash. Another click, you have the list of visitors you are expecting and some more clicks that make the management simpler. 

In addition to this, residents get access to book services of deep cleaning, gardening, housekeeping and a lot more that makes your life easier. Schedule a meeting, know your neighbours, pay your maintenance charges or raise an issue for fast solutions with all-in-one ezeeServe management. 

Between management and services, you get a transparent administration. You are always well informed about billing, the status of facility management, and maintenance of the shared areas. With all these amazing features of society management, ezeeServe achieved the milestone for easy communication as well. All the residents can easily be contacted directly through ezeeServe via the resident directory. 

The platform brings residents, committee members, security, and staff together. It alerts you about the minutes and the details through notifications, so you always know what’s new and when’s the next meet. 

ezeeServe is easy to understand, smooth to use and ever-evolving. We are always focused on what to update and upgrade next that makes your life simpler but only when it’s necessary. We work with the feedbacks and operate on the quality.  

One society, three-hundred flats, countless walking’s and chaos-free management. All this on your fingertips with ezeeServe.