Maintenance Payments As per Society By-Laws: Part 1
Maintenance Payments As per Society By-Laws: Part 1
Date:15 May 2020
Maintenance Payments As per Society By-Laws: Part 1

If Google has navigated you here, you were probably looking for an answer to the question, is your society charging accurate maintenance amount. We assure you will be left with a solid conclusion and satisfactory answer after reading this article.

 When was the last time you gave a thought about the calculation of your maintenance payment until today? As residents of the societies, we have to pay the maintenance amount for regular and service expenditures incurred by the society but, hardly any of us are familiar with the guidelines for calculation of the Maintenance Fee laid down in MOFA (Maharashtra Ownership of Flats Act)

 Let’s familiarize you with the guidelines followed for calculation of charges incurred.

 Calculation of Maintenance Payment

There are two popular approaches to calculating the maintenance fee. The judgment of choosing the approach depends upon the general body of the CHS but the calculation is subjected to a formulated method.

  1. Flat wise: Equal distribution between all.  
  2. This approach considers the estimated expenditure of last year and divides it equally between all the residents. For instance, if the estimated expenditure was 2L and 100 members reside in your society so your maintenance payment will be 200,000/100 = Rupees 2000 per head.
    Note: Anyone owning more than one flat must pay charges accordingly. 

  3. Area wise: According to per square feet.
  4. This approach is more trusted by the residents but has its exceptions. The calculation starts with dividing the common areas between all using a fixed rate while the residents are charged as per the square feet of their flat. For instance, If the rate is Rs. 3/sqt then for 1000 sqft flats it is Rs 3000/per month.

However, CHS is not allowed to calculate the maintenance fee using the area wise approach because of the judgment following a writ petition of Venus CHS Ltd and another where the CHS wanted to aggressively follow Area Wise Approach over Flat Wise Approach.

 Now with the information of the sanctioned method for the calculation of maintenance payment, you can ask your management committee about the method used in your society and you will have the answers of whether the maintenance fee is calculated accurately or not.

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 We will be back with more information and answers about maintenance payment as per the by-laws. Stay tuned with ezeeServe!