Housing society Management made simple by society management software
Housing society Management made simple by society management software
Date:10 Sep 2019
Housing society Management made simple by society management software

The need for urban housing society management is different from that of the traditional ones. With growing technology committee members need to adapt and change the operational methods.

With the help of fully functional software for housing societies operations can be easy. These software help committee members to manage day-to-day tasks efficiently. It also saves time and cost along with resources and gives ease to users. Housing society management software also helps in getting data of residents with one click.

Features to look for while looking for a housing society management system

When looking for a housing management software, it is important to explore and research before selecting the best suitable one. Here are some tips to help you decide the best solution for your society

Reports module:

The solution should be able to give you reports on expenses and incomes. It should give you all the reports at one-click, whenever you need it. The system should provide you with the MIS reports, expenses, and income reports, balance sheet, payment, and outstanding reports.

Administration Module:

The solution should be able to manage various fixed assets and track the investments. It should allow residents to book facilities like gym, clubhouse, garden, terraces and other common amenities online.

Communication module:

The software should be able to receive complaints, suggestions, and requests. Sending updates on the upcoming events, annual general meetings should also be supported by the application. Updating the residents on discussions and action points can be communicated through the tool. Provision of notifications of payment dues like society maintenance charges should also be present.

Document storage:

The tool should be equipped to store all relevant documents of residents. This allows ease of access in the future if the need arises. The documents should be easy to upload, share and print by the committee members and residents.

Payment mode:

The software should allow owners to pay maintenance dues easily. Once they receive a notification from the app, they should be able to pay dues at a click. Receipts and acknowledgments of the same should also be done via applications.

Visitor Management

The solution should have automated visitor management. This will reduce the scope of manual error and create a secure environment for the residents of the society.

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