Habits of Effective Management Committees
Habits of Effective Management Committees Societies.
Date:25 Oct 2019
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The management committees of a co-operative housing society are a group of people responsible for the smooth functioning of the society. The members of the committee are elected by the residents through a polling system. The management committee has a tough task as there are many people to please 

What’s important here is to have an effective management committee? Let’s see some key traits for the same  

Willingness to work as team  

The members should be willing to work together for a better environment. No committee member should focus on personal goals and avoid any disputes.  

Communicate often and more  

Ensure the residents know everything that is happening within the society. This can be done through regular updates, monthly newsletters, mails and notices among other means.  The bigger the co-operative housing society, the more the need of clear communication.  

Act Responsible  

The committee members should behave in a responsible fashion. They should not try to find short cuts and/or pass on their tasks to others. Any major decision should be considered first and then taken. For example, you can’t just randomly resign. Also, committee members need to take responsibility of all their actions and decisions.  

Manage financial  

Committee members should have the financial acumen. They should be able to foresee and plan expenses for the coming period. He/she should be able to able manage the finance and maintain the expanses within the allotted budget.  

Involve everyone in the process  

The committee members like other residents, have other commitments like jobs or businesses. Hence, the need to involve other residents and form sub-committees is a good idea.  The management committee is responsible for the main decisions but can seek help in some other tasks.  

Allow residents to bond  

A committee that is effective encourages people to connect and bond.  Create opportunities like social gatherings and cultural events for various residents to meet and connect. This is vital in case of large societies where the number of flats are more.  

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