“Essentials” by ezeeServe
“Essentials” by ezeeServe
Date:19 April 2020
“Essentials” by ezeeServe

ezeeServe is a software solution made in India dedicated to managing Indian housing societies digitally. Our goal is to make housing societies smarter by helping them to perform tasks like Visitor Management, Resolving Parking Issues, Society Accounting & Finances, Billing & payments, Society Communications, Events, Polls, Meetings etc. through one application. It not only saves time but also keeps each resident updated. Also, it offers the opportunity to residents for equal participation in every important society decisions. Basically, it makes managing housing management easier with complete transparency.

 Role of ezeeServe in helping the epidemic

 In the current scenario of COVID 19 where staying at home is a necessity, there can come several challenges faced by the residents of the housing societies. Given the power of technology, ezeeServe’s current features of Discussions, Polls, and Notices are already helping the society residents and managing committees to communicate strongly and stay together through digital means.

 Communication is the key to stay connected but in the current scenario more is needed to manage the daily essentials of life. We needed a feature that strongly helps the residents of the society to stay safe at home. We founded a solution and an update was provided to the users of ezeeServe with an added feature of “Essentials.”

How do ezeeServe’s Essentials feature help in this epidemic?

 ezeeServe’s Essentials feature is an aid or help in the COVID 19 pandemic. The feature allows you to order the essentials such as groceries, medicines, and vegetables from your neighborhood store. You can easily place the order of the essentials required to list to your neighborhood vendors.

 Now to stock the essentials you don’t need to step out. All you have to do is place an order from your neighborhood store using ezeeServe and stay indoors to stay safe. This feature is a requirement of ensuring the safety of the residents of housing societies.

 Other measures that can be helpful in maintaining hygiene:

  • Please try and collect the deliveries of your order at the entrance of the society to make sure outside visitors don’t enter in the society.
  • Avoid cash-on-delivery as a payment method. Use Digital Payment mediums.
  • While leaving the house to collect the groceries carry sanitizer and tissues with you.
  • While you collect the delivery don’t forget to maintain social distancing.
  • Before consuming the vegetables, boil them to avoid any chance of bacteria or viruses entering your body.
  • Thoroughly wash the fruits with warm water and consume after completely dry.