COVID_19 Preventions by Housing Societies
COVID_19 Preventions by Housing Societies
Date:26 March 2020
No-chaos Management

COVID-19, the virus infection that has taken over the world by impacting a huge population. The growth of this outbreak needs measures of precautions to be followed to minimize the cases. With the government taking the decisions of the lockdown of the country for the benefit of the citizens, it’s the duty of citizens as well to co-operate and follow all the precautionary measures suggested by the doctors.

While the gates of gyms, swimming pools, movie theatres, and parks have been shut there’s only our society left where we can take a break from the lockdown. It still isn’t an open pathway for social gathering and it has been well understood by the housing societies as well. Many societies have enforced must-be-followed rules to ensure the safety of all residents.

Measures taken by housing societies to take for ensuring the healthy-being by all the residents:

General Rules

  1. Stay Home. Stay Safe.

    The easiest way of taking care of yourself and your family, for now, is to stay indoors. Coming into contact with a person who might be positive of COVID_19 can put your health in danger as well. Maintaining social distancing is the smartest rule to follow. Taking a social break and staying at home makes you a hero in the current situation.

  2. Maintain Social - Distancing and Stay Hygienic

    If for an emergency, you are stepping out of your house even to just pick-up a delivery till the gate of your society, make sure you have a mask on and are maintaining distance. After coming back, wash your hands properly without missing. For small breaks from being at home, you can go for a walk in society while still maintaining the proper distance if you meet another resident.

Specific Rules

  1. Temporary shutting the doors of a swimming pool, gym, clubhouses and event hall.
  2. Everyone has specifically asked to report them if any resident shows any certain symptoms of the infection. They are advised to self-quarantine themselves till they feel better or have the doctor’s report with you.
  3. Use digital platforms such as ezeeServe for any society related discussion and communication so every resident can be updated about the same.
  4. While using the elevator buttons ensure the use of a hand rub or a hand sanitizer immediately after.
  5. Make kids understand the severity of the issue and teach them about hygiene measures. Information about the availability of essentials can be provided by the use of a digital platform.
  6. Provide proper sanitization methods for your housekeeping and visitors.
  7. Most importantly, don’t use the digital platform to spread rumors or unsourced information about the situation. It can only create chaos and be of no help.

While most societies have implemented their strict rules to combat the infection, it's advisable to all to follow the precautions and implement such rules to stay safe from the epidemic.