By–Laws of Cooperative Housing Society regarding notices and penalties
By–Laws of Cooperative Housing Society regarding notices and penalties
Date:10 Sep 2019
 By–Laws of Cooperative Housing Society regarding notices and penalties

Cooperative housing societies are bound by By-laws, to which they abide to. Here are some common by-laws that residents should be aware of

By-Law No 162. Modes of communication

As per By-Law No 162(a) that is related to communication in the form of notices, resolutions and decisions. As per the by-law, society under the MCS Act1960, the MCS Rules 1961 it is required to give notice of every General body meeting and communicate the resolution or the decision, via any of these modes

  • Hand delivery
  • Mail through local post or by registered post

Another part of the by law, No. 162 (b) states that copy of notice/communication of the decision/resolution shall be displayed on the notice board of the Society. Post which complaints on receiving intimation would be null and void.

By-Law No 163.- The Accounting Year

As per the by-law the Accounting Year of the Society shall comment on 1st April and end on the 31st March of the subsequent year.

By-Law No 164. Notice Board

The society needs to place Notice Board at parts of the building/s where people can read it maximum number of times. Here all notices and communications are to be displayed. Annual reports of the committee and other relevant matters are also to be displayed. The notice boards need to be placed across individual buildings.

By-Law No 165. Penalties for breaches

By-Law No 165(a) states that meeting of the General Body of the Society will decide penalties for different breaches of the By-laws of the Society. With instructions from the other committee members, the Secretary of the Society shall inform the member about the breach. Depending on the breach the committee can charge a penalty for less than Rs. 5000/- in a financial year.

By-Law No 165(b) states that the A.G.M/Special G.B.M. can penalize a Member for breaches in his Responsibilities. The penalty must be reasonable and equal to all such erring Members. The decision of the same is taken by A.G.M./Special G.B.M.

The by-laws help in the effective functioning of housing management and it is a guideline for committees members to abide by. ezeeServe is a housing management tool that helps in managing societies and monitors day-to-day tasks. ezeeServe is software for housing society management that works as a link between the residents, committee members, security, housekeeping staff, and maintenance staff.