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 By–Laws of Cooperative Housing Society regarding notices and penalties
By–Laws of Cooperative Housing..

Cooperative housing societies are bound by By-laws, to which they abide to. Here are some common by-laws that residents should be aware of

By-Law No 162. Modes of communication

Share Certificates, and its checklist for various
                                                            housing societies
Share Certificates, and its..

Share certificate is a legal document/certificate that is given by housing committees. It certifies that the resident is a legal owner of shares in the cooperative housing society. It is given free of cost to and is a mandate as per the by-laws of housing societies.

Audit and By-Laws related to IT
Audit and By-Laws related to IT.
The co-operative housing society is managed through a group of people i.e. the managing committee. They are responsible for various tasks, the main being maintaining the harmony of the society,
By–Laws of Cooperative Housing..

The state government has predefined by-laws, these are a set of rules and regulations that help in clarifying queries related to membership in housing society. Various scenarios are covered in the by-laws that will help people understand it properly.