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Tips to plan the upcoming society AGM!
Types of Maintenance Charges that ..

For committee members of apartments, it is difficult to evaluate the maintenance costs to be paid by members. It is difficult to identify the correct amount payable that is agreeable to all.

This Republic day celebration share these facts!
This Republic day celebration..

Every society has flag hoisting and other cultural events every republic day. Watching the republic day parade live or in television has been a ritual for many. Today housing societies organize programs to mark these national days. These events include flag hoisting and other cultural events. 

Use ezeeServe to plan your Haldi-kumkum Get Together, Better!
Use ezeeServe to plan your Haldi-kumkum..

As 14th January nears, you can hear people saying “Tilgul ghya ,god god bola”  across various parts of Maharashtra. Across different states, it is celebrated as a different festival. In Punjab it is celebrated as Lohri, In Gujrat as Uttarayan, Bihu in Assam and Pongal in South India. Every region has a different set of customs that are followed as the celebration of the festival.